our strategy


  1. Serve others in the name of Jesus Christ by providing ministries, encouragement, support, and aid to those within our local community, state, country, and nation.
  2. Worship the risen Jesus Christ through weekly gatherings as the Bible is preached, taught, and proclaimed through song.
  3. Share with others the good news of Jesus Christ through one on one evangelism, as well as, specific events that will be oriented towards personal commitments to Christ.
  4. Grow with others in Jesus Christ through Sunday School, discipleship classes, and personal Bible Study.

We believe that these 4 practices are at the heart of what it means to follow Jesus. Consequently, as a church, Memorial Baptist Church is committed to sharing the Gospel message of Jesus Christ with every man, woman, boy, and girl, while growing together in Sunday School and Bible study, serving others in our community. For young and old alike, every undertaking we do as a church flows out of this primary commitment we have made to SERVE, WORSHIP, SHARE AND GROW. As individuals, and as faith family, this is how we are committed to live out our lives.

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